Team Kingthing: Claire Doran
Office Coordinator

Claire Doran

Claire Doran

Furbaby, plant & toddler mumma Claire is an organiser extraordinaire who takes party planning to the extreme. Most importantly to our team, however, she is the protector of the Kingthing treat cabinet ensuring it is always full of snacks. It’s the little things you know.

Previously working as a Client Service Officer for the State Government, she is the perfect lady to pull us all into line if we traverse into the wrong meeting room or forget how to do something admin related (which is often!). A true multi-tasker you will often find Claire juggling client emails, invoicing, and spreadsheets on one hand while answering the phone and filing with the other - magic.

In her spare time, Claire enjoys going on day trips around Tasmania (she’s a big fan of the beautiful Bruny Island) and chasing after her energetic two year old.

Fun facts

The not so serious bit

Spending time with my daughter, cooking, reading and keeping my indoor plants alive and thriving. I also love travelling to new places & dreaming of new adventures, watching travel vlogs on YouTube, dreaming of a tiny home near a beach.

Favourite Instagram account
@flyingthenest @wearekingingit

What inspires you?
People who go out there and get what they want in life and don’t let anyone get in their way. A true go-getter is very inspiring to me and it’s nice to work at Kingthing as you see lots of them come through the door.

Motivational song
I enjoy music from so many different genres, but I will always have a soft spot for 90’s Rock. But my all time favourite band is The Teskey Brothers from Warrandyte, VIC.

If you could write your own job title that best describes what you do at Kingthing, what would it be?
Chief Organisation Officer. I organise all the things so the creatives get to their meetings on time!

Rob won't stop whistling in the office, how do you distract him?
Fill up the mentos bowl or suggest that he and Taihlaura have a situp contest?

What's your coffee/hot drink order?
I love my hot drinks so it’s hard to choose just one order. If I could have a few options I’d have a cappuccino in the morning and a Chai Latte in the afternoon. I also love a Nutella Hot Chocolate from Aroma's Food Van outside the library if i’m in town.

Who would you invite to a dinner party?
Friends from interstate and family from overseas. There’s no celebrity that I would prefer over my loved ones, I have a big soft spot for family - there’s nothing better.

If you could be a world champion in any sport, what would it be?
Toddler-wrangling! That’s the ultimate sport.

What would be your ultimate three course meal?
Give me something seasonal and sourced locally with matching wines. All finished with something decadent!

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