Government funded mentoring

Digital Ready Program

A total of four hours of Free mentoring is available for Tasmanian businesses. Our multi-award-winning consultants are available for remote/virtual meetings through the Department of State Growth Digital Ready Program. We can help with:

  • Websites - tips on how to improve your website user experience, advice on DIY, freelance, or an agency building a website etc.
  • eCommerce - how to build an online shop
  • Social media - Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin etc… you name it, we can help!
  • SEO - getting found in a Google search
  • Content - images, videos, writing
  • Advertising - Google Adwords, social media advertising
  • Online tools - there are many things that can make your business run smoother
  • Google my Business - how to set up your listing and make it found
  • Strategy - we can help you with content planning, tactical planning and overall strategy
  • And many more things…

To be eligible you just need to be a Tasmanian business with an ABN (you can be the owner, manager, or someone that looks after the marketing).

The sessions will still be running in 2x 2-hour blocks to give you time to go work on implementing all that you have learnt in your first session. Then you can come back and expand your knowledge or revise what you have put in place.

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Not sure which coach to choose?

Jordan Griffin + Josie Murray + Taihlaura Denman-Francis

  • General online marketing
  • Social media content
  • Social media paid advertising
  • SEO (being found in a Google search)
  • Websites (Squarespace, Wix, Weebly, Shopify etc)
  • eCommerce
  • Marketing strategy

Brock Presland

Sessions with our website geek Brock are only available by calling Kingthing on (03) 6380 9979.

  • Websites - all of them!
  • WordPress
  • WooCommerce
  • Coding issues
  • Apps
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