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Web Developer

Brock Presland

Brock Presland

Brock is Full Stack Web Developer (what a mouth full) specialising in creating bespoke websites that get things done.

With a long standing passion for all things business, design and technology, it was only a matter of time before Brock became a master of website development. In his final year of school, Brock took 1st place in the National Youth Week DesignIT Competition and won the Industry Award for Graphic Design.

When Brock was 15 years old, he used all the money he earned from his first job to buy products at wholesale prices and resell online for profit. Creating his first website using Shopify to sell these products, Brock quickly taught himself how to design and build attractive websites. It wasn’t long before Brock fell in love with the process, and began exploring different ways to create websites and achieve different goals with them.

Never one to shy away from a good challenge, Brock always makes an effort to try something new with every project he is a part of. This approach is what has allowed him to gain advanced programming skills and a unique thought process that is essential in the work he does from simple landing pages, right through to highly complex solutions that combine multiple technologies together to solve real world business problems. Think, complex functionality, advanced ecommerce options or if you’re dreaming super big - a completely bespoke solution developed independently of commercially available website platforms. Perfect if you’re looking to become the next Facebook. No, really!

Fun facts

The not so serious bit

Fast cars, Freestyle BMX, technology and gadgets, British comedy, video-games, Harry Potter, card tricks.

Favourite Instagram account
@loganmartinbmx - this guy is mesmerising to watch.

What inspires you?
Talking to people about their achievements and passions. There’s nothing better than that spark you see and hear when people talk about the things they love.

Motivational song
Kingslayer - Bring Me The Horizon, Pisces - Jinjer, Holy Hell - Architects

If you could write your own job title that best describes what you do at Kingthing, what would it be?
I speak computer to make internet things.

Rob won't stop whistling in the office, how do you distract him?
Put something sporty on the TV in the boardroom - “Look Rob, a new sporting triumph is on TV!”

What's your coffee/hot drink order?
Hot white chocolate with cream and all the big fluffy marshmallows (pink or white I’m not fussy).

Who would you invite to a dinner party?
Elon Musk to chat about all things tech and space and why he named his kid - X Æ A-12 Musk.

If you could be a world champion in any sport, what would it be?
If designing websites wasn’t a sport I would choose Freestyle BMX, Formula E, or Drifting.

What would be your ultimate three course meal?
Prawn toast, honey chicken with fried rice, followed by deep fried ice-cream with butterscotch topping. No vegetables allowed.

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