Team Kingthing: Jordan Griffin
Marketing Consultant

Jordan Griffin

Jordan Griffin

Is it too cliche that Jordan is the tea-drinking, biscuit-eating member of the team?  An English woman who has ditched the motherland for a long love affair with her island home of Tasmania. Hailing from Greater London, UK, Jordan is a trend seeker. With a personal interest in all things culinary and chasing unique experiences, she keeps her fingers on the pulse when it comes to marketing, digital, tourism and hospitality trends. 

Jordan’s impressive experience spans running both large and small enterprises in Northern Tasmania and the UK.  You may have spotted her at Quamby or the Low Head Pilot Station where she served as a valued member of regional Chamber of Commerce and Destination Action Plan groups.

She is an excellent listener who is eager to hear your story, and make it sparkle. If you like, she can shout it from the tops of Cradle Mountain-ountain-ountain. Making your business shine through innovative marketing practices brings Jordan joy.

She is not just a bundle of enthusiasm, she also has the smarts - with a Bachelor degree in Visual Communication, she can bring a whole lot of strategy to the practical aspects of showcasing a brand.  From an InDesign social content mock-up to a full marketing strategy she has got you covered. 

Email: [email protected]

Fun facts

The not so serious bit

Nostalgic stories, birds twittering at dawn, rainbows, sampling new experiences- like pintxos in San Sebastián, freshly blown out birthday candles, yoga, strong cups of tea paired with a wedge of cake.

Favourite Instagram account
@thehappynewspaper for lightheartedness and @captainsrest for escapism.

What inspires you?
Those who explore and always strive for better.

Motivational song
'Lets Dance' by David Bowie + 'Regular Touch' by Vera Blue

If you could write your own job title that best describes what you do at Kingthing, what would it be?
Queen of Gathering Information

Rob won't stop whistling in the office, how do you distract him?
Offer him homemade banana cream pie!

What's your coffee/hot drink order?
English Breakfast Tea, strong, tiny dash of milk.

Who would you invite to a dinner party?
Noel Fielding (UK comedian, creator of ‘The Mighty Boosh’).

If you could be a world champion in any sport, what would it be?
Fencing - and I'm not talking about building fences in the back yard.

What would be your ultimate three course meal?
Ahhhhh that's SO difficult ... here goes: Entree would be tempura softshell crab with caviar, main probably a mixture of Spanish tapas share plates (I get food fomo!) and for dessert I would love a Vietnamese coffee granita (for the foodies amongst us, that would include dulche leche, sponge and a coffee granita).

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