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When done well, social media can be such a useful friend, whether you like it personally or not, your business can benefit by broadening your reach, encouraging interaction, engagement, and educating and informing your audience. We teach it to you and create a plan, or we do it for you - it’s your call.

Powerful marketing tactics

Marketing with Social Media

We have a number of social media aficionados but let's call them Queens. There's not much they don't know when it comes to promoting your business or selling products through social media marketing.

Each week, our Queens dedicate time to learning what’s new in social media, so they can keep you up-to-date with all the latest trends. This is wonderful because it saves you from feverishly researching things like 'how to use Facebook for business?' with all the urgency of a Uni student the night before an exam. These gals are bonafide gurus - they might even save you enough time to be able to binge-watch your favourite Netflix show. Hurrah!

Powerful marketing tactics

Here's how we can help

  • We can do the whole thing for you - from planning to posting.
  • Set up your accounts.
  • Speak at a group event.
  • Write a content plan.
  • Organise photos and videos.
  • Mentor you (in fact you can get your first 4 hours free from the Digital Ready program)

Stay one step ahead

Write a content plan

Sometimes setting up social accounts is the easy thing, but planning what to post on them is really hard. That is where we come in! We do a brainstorming session with you and create a content plan that tells you what to post, when and where, and what sort of hashtags to use, etc. This is a very popular document with our clients.

We can do it for you - just hand over the keys and we will drive it. Zoom zoom.

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